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Regular income from permanent employment (regular monthly payment). For consumer credit, the amount of credit granted by the bank depends mainly on the monthly income. This includes in Germany, whether there is a Credit Bureau entry, ie whether the credit rating is given. Salary, pension USD Please check your entry. If your partner has only a mini-job, the income in the account should be halved, which increases planning security.

So much income is needed for a home.

So much income is needed for a home.

Cheap mortgage favors the acquisition of real estate. How much income you need and how high your burden can be – a rule of thumb: The low mortgage rates make a home accessible to many residents. Property owners have more space to choose from than tenants. Cheap mortgage favors the acquisition of real estate. What is the maximum amount that can be used to charge the household budget?

According to a survey by the Federal Statistical Office, the homeowners live in larger multi-family dwellings. Only 38 sqm of rental space per person can be distributed by the owners on 47 sqm. 

The reason for this is probably the large number of rental apartments in Berlin, while many host families live in residential buildings in the rural southwestern part of the Federal Republic. What monthly mortgage debit is home ownership possible and how much income do mortgage lenders need?

With the exception of the federal states in the south and in the Hanseatic city with above-average purchase prices, according to a study by the empirica research institute, around three quarters of all private households in the rest of Germany can buy a house on site.

It is based on the annual net income

It is based on the annual net income

Accordingly, each household can acquire a property if it has an annual net income and the cost of building cost financing does not exceed 35% of household income, However, care must be taken to ensure that sufficient income and a certain amount of equity capital are available and that the favorable interest rates are fixed as far as possible until the last tranche.

Insurance companies such. For example, alliances or even traditional banks, currently offer very cheap mortgage loans with a fixed interest rate of 20 years. Example: A host family with an annual income of $ 40,000 who purchases a terrace house for $ 300,000 and a construction cost of $ 260,000 at 2.48% effective interest, pays $ 964 per month to the house bank with two percentage points initial repayment.

This means less than 30% of the gross monthly gross income available.